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Tea is very impotant for keeping good health as well as safe us from viruses. So it will be more beneficial to follow the rules of drinking tea for the body to use tea properly.

we should not drink tea immediately after eating because —

1. Tea absorbs iron from food.

2. Tea prevents the absorption of thiamine or vitamin B in the body which is one of the causes of beriberi.

 3. Tea absorbs carbs and vitamins from food and the body cannot digest these foods.

Rules of drinking tea.

1. Drink tea at least half an hour before meals or one hour after meals.

2. Drink tea or coffee 1 to 2 hours after breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Garlic: 1 clove daily in the morning or at night. Urgent for everyone. Anti-cancer.

Rules of eating garlic:
One or two cloves of raw garlic 2 or 1 time a week after lunch or with lunch. It acts as an antibiotic, enhancing immunity. The other use of garlic with cooking will be normal.

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With regular diet, * honey, * black cumin, * garlic, * turmeric, * olive oil, vita-c ethnic fruits are added daily to the diet list and regular exercise to prevent corona virus and have to keep distance from this virus aware as well as own technique apply.




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