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The Corona Virus vaccine is being discovered for COVIT-19 affected people . It’s all right.
 But my opinion we want vaccine or medicine for tackle COVIT-19.
Because it is a spreading disease. Lock-down or supply vaccine to affected people will not be permanent solution but it is needed also just for tackle present situation.
So, not before becoming a patient we need medication, diet or vaccine beforehand so that Kbid-19 does not enter our body or if it become inactive.


* Honey, * black cumin, * garlic, * turmeric, * olive oil, vit-c national fruit with regular diet :: Regular yoga exercises are mandatory.


Strong View:

The world was too busy. The world was really busy with how to make weapons, how to travel in space, how to expand industry and make trade more dynamic, to show strength and to invent sophisticated weapons of war.

If some part of this preoccupation had been given to health, it would not have taken long for the corona virus vaccine to be discovered.

In fact the whole world was unprepared.

God created us. We have to take an oath from today to learn from this. Who is the best creature of creation?

First of all, the whole world should be more engaged in the future to study the human body with labor talent, technology and energy.Every sector of the people should give the importance of human and the importance of humanbody.


Gahi Samyer Gaan- — ( we will sing for all equal )

There is nothing greater than man, no greater than man,

By- Kazi Nazrul Islam (National Poet of Bangladesh).


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